Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint £5

This is similar to semi-permanent hair dye. This is applied in the desired shape to the brows to colour the hairs of the brows and any skin in patches within the brows. It is left on the brows for approximately 10 minutes. The finished result gives you a natural looking brow shape without having to fill them in with make-up. An eyebrow tint can last you approximately a week or more.

Eyelash Tint £7

This is similar to semi-permanent hair dye. A protective patch is placed under the eye with the use of Vaseline and water. The tint it applied to the lashes and covered with a damp cotton pad for approximately 15 minutes. This can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

Eyebrow Wax/Shape £5

The eyebrow is shaped or tidied up by applying warm wax to the unwanted hairs.

Express Lashes £8

Strip lashes that are adhered to the natural lash line to give a more dramatic effect.

Weekend Lashes £15

Cluster lashes that are individually adhered to the lash line. These can be tailored to your desired look and last anywhere from a weekend to 2 weeks.

Semi-Permanent Lashes £40

Protective patch is applied under the eye. The desired length and shape of lash is chosen. Individual lashes are applied to each individual natural, healthy lash. This can take a maximum of 2 hours and can last up to 3 months with regular maintenance. Maintenance should be done around every 3 to 4 weeks.

Lash Removal £5

Removal of weekend lashes with a gentle remover.