The skin is cleansed and talc is applied. The hair is removed using warm wax, which is spread onto the skin covering the hair in the direction of growth then applying a paper wax strip and pulling away in the opposite direction.

1/2 Leg Wax £12

From just above the knee down.

Full Leg Wax£18

From top of thighs down.

1/2 Leg with Bikini £20

Legs from just above the knee down and across knicker line.

Full Leg with Bikini £24

From knicker line and full leg.

1/2 Leg, Bikini and Underarm £24

Legs from just above the knee, knicker line and under the arms.

Full Leg, Bikini and Underarm £28

From knicker line down the full legs and under the arms.

Bikini £8

Knicker line.

Forearm Wax £12

From just above the elbow down.

Full Arm £14

From the shoulder and down.

Upper Lip £5

Any hair from above the lip.

Chin £5

From just below the lip to underneath the chin.

Upper Lip and Chin £8

Any hair from above the lip, below the lip and underneath the chin.

Eyebrow £5

The eyebrow is shaped or tidied up by applying warm wax to the unwanted hairs.